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DVD: True Champion

DVD: True Champion
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Tolles Portrait über Johnny Campbell, Mr Baja 1000. Who is the greatest Off-Road Racer America...mehr
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Tolles Portrait über Johnny Campbell, Mr Baja 1000.

Who is the greatest Off-Road Racer America has ever produced?

To those who really know how to measure such an accomplishment the answer is easy - Johnny Campbell.

The Baja 1,000 is the oldest, longest and toughest Off-Road race in the world. Less tame than the Wild West, racers in the Baja must overcome mountains, deserts, forests, rivers, wild animals, banditos and fierce competition at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour for 1,000 miles just to finish. To be victorious is superhuman and to win again and again is almost impossible. Many consider the Baja 1,000 the greatest test of man and machine in the world. And Johnny Campbell is the undisputed "King of Baja"; residents of the famous peninsula call him "El Campion." Johnny Campbell has won the Baja 1,000 a record 11 times!

But this is more than the story of a great racer, this is a story of a boy who overcame personal tragedy, who followed a calling and navigated his way to become a great champion who literally took, the road less travelled. Join us as we follow Johnny and his incredible life and career through the eyes of family, friends, and competitors. This is an intimate look inside the continuous test of will, mind, body and faith that it takes to be a True Champion.
Laufzeit ca. 60 Minuten.

DVD sind generell vom Umtausch ausgeschlossen, auch wenn sie versiegelt sind!

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